Anti-Coal Power Plant Action in Pangkalan Susu, Lahat, North Sumatera, Indonesia

Commemorating the world environmental day, around 100 East Langkat coastal communities along with the #BersihkanIndonesia movement, Srikandi Lestari Foundation, and North Sumatra environmental groups held a creative action urging the government to close the Pangkalan Susu coal power plant, in the Aru Strait waters on Saturday (06/22/2019 )

The Pangkalan Susu coal power plant, North Sumatra with a capacity of 2×100 MW is believed to have damaged marine ecosystems, mangrove forests, agricultural land as the main source of people’s livelihoods and affected health of the people through its ashes. This movement calls on the government to abandon coal fossil energy and transition to clean, renewable energy sources and to restore environmental damage. Andi Rambe/Trend Asia.