Right on Anti-Mining Day (HATAM), May 29, 2019, Natasya Aprilia Dewi (10), breathed her last breath after sinking in a pit of a former coal mine in Simpang Pasir, Samarinda. This little girl is the 34th victim who died drowning in the mining pits left by the company just after the mine was empty.

As usual, after dawn, last Wednesday, Natasya left for the Langgar for morning prayers. The difference was , this time she did not have time to say goodbye. She played with her six peers and invited them to swim to a mine pit not far from the residential area. While swimming, Natasya, and her girlfriends drowned. They were rescued by residents who heard the children’s screams.

Purwanti (29) the mother, ran from home and embraced the dripping little body and then took her to the Emergency Installation of I.A Moeis Hospital. Her condition worsened. The doctor’s explanation, as quoted by local media, Natasya’s lungs were full of water. She inhaled a lot of dirt and several of her blood vessels burst. After midday, her little girl died. Purwanti was crying uncontrollably. Eid that will last for a few more days, will never be the same again for the family.

According to the East Kalimantan Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM), the death pit belongs to PT Insan Baraperkasa (IBP), a subsidiary of PT Resource Alam Indonesia Tbk, Rain Group. A company that just left its mining pits. The concession area of ​​24,477 hectares which is equivalent to almost twice the City of South Jakarta. And in June 2018, the East Kalimantan Governor gave a certificate of “green” rating in the company performance rating assessment program in environmental management in 2017-2018. Production operation permits that were renewed in 2016 are clean and clear.

The tracks of children who died in the PT IBP concession were recorded in 2012. A son of Maulana Mahendra was drowned in a concession pit. And on April 9, 2016, a boy named Muhammad Arham fell in the burning coal waste. Arham was operated many times.

“In total there were six cases (at PT IBP) with two fatalities,” Pradarma Rupang, Dynamic JATAM Kaltim told the media.

Following Law No. 4 of 2009 concerning Mineral and Coal Mining and PP No.78 of 2010 concerning Reclamation and Post-Mining, it is clear that companies are required to close ex-mining pits no later than 30 calendar days after there are no activities. But this law enforcement has never been carried out.

Komnas HAM noted, during 2011-2016, out of 27 deaths in the mine pit, 25 of them were children, only one case continued in court. That also only punishes security guards with 2 months in prison. While the concessionaire that must be held responsible by Indonesian law, has never been touched.

“The incident is criminal, it could be imposed with Article 359 of the Criminal Code concerning negligence that caused other people to die. The threat of a sentence of 5 years in prison,” Herdiansyah Hamzah, Mulawarman University Lecturer told the East Kalimantan Tribune, March 31, 2019. He also said the government could impose administrative sanctions revocation of permission.

Apart from the mining oligarchy in Watchdoc’s Sexy Killer documentary, which would have trapped government elites for allegedly benefiting from the coal business, I was intrigued trying to find out what their responses were to the deaths of the nation’s children.

I ransacked the news in the online media about what the response of the holders of government control both the Governor, the Minister to the President of Indonesia on their deaths.

This is Isran Noor’s response when asked by the documentary film crew Sexy Killers. “The casualties are everywhere. Well, thi is fate, he died in the mining pond, right? ”

When the 30th victim fell in Kutai Kartanegara: “I see. What action? Oh, no problem. His fate is pitiful. I’m sorry. Surely I’m sorry. ”

When the 32nd victim on Jalan Harun Nafsi, Samarinda: “I was surprised too. Maybe there is a ghost. How come, there are many victims of children. ”

When the 34th victim, Natasya was killed: “Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun. Hopefully, her family will be strong, also given patience for his family.” Reporters then asked concrete steps to prevent a repeat of this event, the governor twice answered: “Yes, that.” Asked again the meaning of the answer: “Yes, that.”

Meanwhile Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya during a public lecture at Mulawarman University, March 8, 2019: “The hole has been around for a long time, can it be done in a moment? Do you think Sangkuriang is cleared up now, the next day? This is all in the process of being repaired. ”

What about president Joko Widodo? After the 30th victim and when the president is in Samarinda, October 25, 2018: “Please ask the governor.” He said: “There is also a crime there. So be careful. ”

The president’s warning is just a blank message. Since that conversation was delivered by Jokowi, there have been five children killed in the mining pits.

Natasya, you might be in heaven, with 33 of your friends. Although in our country’s law it is quite clear how the actions of the government to take against mining companies that destroy and kill people, they cannot do anything. Even to give a statement of sympathy for your death, they are unable.

Regarding this sympathy, Herdiansyah Hamzah from Mulawarman University said that the government had no sense of humanity at all. “Their human side is dead,” he said.

Natasya, on an international day for the protection of fallen children today, we would like to express our apologies. Sorry for having a governor and president who can’t do anything. Although they are very able to prevent the death of other children after you. Mine oligarchs have trapped their necks.