Several iconic actions have coloured the journey of the community and the younger generation who are fighting for environmental conditions and justice for their right to life in October 2022. Starting from the presence of the people of Pasar Seluma Bengkulu, who joined the Kamisan action in front of the State Palace and the activities of the younger generation and various elements, others voiced the Climate Emergency in the Global Climate Strike action.

In Indramayu, West Java, the community and the Jaringan Tanpa Asap Batubara Indramayu(JATAYU) commemorated National Farmer’s Day with a peaceful protest against the presence of PLTU Indramayu-1, urging the termination of the PLTU-2 construction plan which had a detrimental impact on the community, especially farmers and fishermen. On another day, the JATAYU community and ALBIN (Aliansi Bersihkan Indramayu) again held a peaceful protest against the co-firing of biomass at PLTU Indramayu-1 and became part of the Big Bad Biomass International action.