The Omnibus Law/Job Creation Law has just been passed in a rush, even though the Indonesian people are currently struggling to deal with the eects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The question is, “How do mining and dirty energy companies in Indonesia connect to the people that are involved in discussion of Omnibus Law or Job Creation Law? and “What are the conflicts of interest and or benefits that they have in regards to Omnibus Law?”

#BersihkanIndonesia coalition investigated1 the important actors related to this law including the Omnibus Law task force, the working committee, and also the leadership of DPR RI (Indonesian Parliament) that has connections with mining and dirty energy businesses to nd an answer on who really reaps the benet from this regulation. At the same time, the conflicts of interest that the elites have will create numerous harms to the public, among them is the threat of environmental damage, will also be analyzed.

Through this investigation, it is found that the important actors that are involved in the Omnibus Law task force, working committee, the leadership of DPR RI, and even several related ministries have ties to the mining and dirty energy businesses in Indonesia.

This relationship shows conflicts of interest, because the drafters and discussants of this law were found to have direct or indirect, personal business relations with a number of companies, be it as owners, commissioners, or directors; but at the same time they are also the parties that compile and discuss this Job Creation bill. Even in the many discussion meetings on the Job Creation Bill, that Koalisi had been paying close attention to, these parties hardly criticize the draft of the bill at all and are constantly supporting the draft as proposed by the government. In addition, by tracing track records it is found that some of these actors were former success teams and campaign teams in the 2019 presidential election.

Omnibus Law: Oligarch's Legal Holy Book

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