A bunch of passionate Greenpeace’s and ex-Greenpeace’s who identify gaps in the energy campaign movement, its strategy and approach, and are willing to speed up the process of transformation towards betterment of energy development which sound environmentally friendly. Such gaps and the transformation vision have pushed us to form an organisation that could catalyze the change. A range of strong background on experience, knowledge, skill and network which we believe will drive the transformation.

Trend Asia is legally established in Indonesia as a foundation in early 2018, registered at Indonesia’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Our Values



Creative and Innovative


Embracing Diversity

Trust and Respect


A vision which will keep us moving. A continuously-transforming development of Southeast Asia towards a just, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society, enabled by the adoption of clean and renewable energy, and sustainable consumption and production.


In light of the opportunities and threats posed by global climate change, Trend Asia’s mission is to reinforce, enrich, amplify, intensify, cultivate, and co-lead the ecosocionomics movement in Southeast Asia, to drive the region’s energy and development transformation away from fossil fuels and wasteful consumption and production. Into a sustainable, clean and renewable energy, people-powered future.

Our Approach

Knowledge & Capacity Hub
Strategic Direct Campaign
Continous-Mutual Movement Alignment

Our Focus


Accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels, and phase-in of renewable energy in Southeast Asia


With the rapidly-growing urbanization, energy consumption, and City’s influence, our focus is to shift Citizens aspirations towards sustainable consumption and production.

We will work on highly relevant and engaging issues such as mobility-transportation, resources efficiency, pollutions, and innovative solutions. Citizens collaboration and cooperation will be our key theme.


We aim to boost eco sociopreneurship, cooperation & collaboration on community & commons-based ideas/initiatives on RE and/or Resources Efficiency.