Residents from Banten together with activists from the civil society coalition against the coal power plant held a direct communication action to reject the mega-project of the Java 9 & 10 power plants, in front of the Republic of South Korea Embassy, in Jakarta. They unfurled banners that read “Is This The Gree(n)d New Deal Mr. President Moon Jae-In? Commit to the Clean! – Stop Funding Dirty Energy Projects Java 9 & 10”. The action was held exactly one day before the KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corp.) board meeting related to the financing decision on a dirty energy project, Java 9 & 10 coal power plants. .

During the action, activists and residents submitted an open letter from Indonesian civil society to President Moon Jae-in to urge the cancellation of Java 9&10 project funding. This action was held amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to assert how dangerous the project is to the safety and health of the residents if KEPCO decide to fund it. However, the participants of the action still pay attention to the COVID-19 safety protocol by using personal protective equipment, such as face shields, gloves, and masks, as well as physical distancing.

The KEPCO board meeting which will decide the Java 9 & 10 power plant project financing will be held amidst the aggressive promotion of South Korea’s Green New Deal manifesto by the supporting party of President Moon Jae-In. One of the commitments in the manifesto is to stop funding for coal projects.

“We demand for the manifestation of President Moon Jae In’s Green New Deal commitment by withdrawing South Korea’s involvement in the dirty energy investment of Java 9 and 10 coal power plants,” said Andri Prasetiyo, Researcher and Campaigner for Trend Asia at the action site.

In the report of Trend Asia, Walhi Jakarta, and Pena Masyarakat titled “Java 9 – 10, A Korean Forced Investment In The Midst Of A Climate and Humanitarian Disaster” which was launched Tuesday (06/23/2020) yesterday, it is revealed that the Java 9 & 10 power plants project is not feasible and very risky in terms of the economics, social and environment. Meanwhile, the government is well aware of over-capacity issues in the Java-Bali grid, and in the time of global pandemic, the overcapacity will increase as the demand for electricity supply is declining. (1)

At present, PLN’s financial status is also at a disadvantage and is still dependent on the injection of Indonesian government fundings. From the business side, this project is not profitable for investors and partners in Indonesia, namely PLN. Not to mention, the presence of Java 9 & 10 power plants will add more burden to the health of the community and the surrounding environment.

“In the name of humanity and the future of the environment, the South Korean Government must stop financing the dirty project of Java 9 & 10 power plants. If this continues to be funded, it will increase the environmental burden and worsen the health of the people of Banten and surrounding areas due to additional pollution from this project,” said Walhi Jakarta Executive Director, Tubagus Soleh Ahmadi.

Mad Haer, Chair of the Pena Masyarakat Banten, asked the South Korean government to rethink its project funding plan. He does not want the dust of the power plant to increase the vulnerability of residents, especially when facing the crisis of the coronavirus that attacks respiratory organs.

“Air pollution from dozens of coal power plants in Banten has been indicated to have caused premature death. Moreover, the number of patients with acute respiratory infections (ARI) and the people who complain about the dust and ash of coal power plants is alarming. This project will only exacerbate the suffering experienced by vulnerable age groups, especially toddlers, “said the man who is often called Aeng. (*)



Bahasa Version Report – Dust Poison in Jawara Village, Korea’s Forced Investment in the Midst of Climate and Humanitarian Disasters

English Version Report – Java 9-10, A Korean Forced Investment in the Midst of Climate and Humanitarian Disaster

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