We are Trend Asia

Trend Asia is legally established in Indonesia in early 2018, registered as a foundation at Indonesia’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights.


A bunch of passionate activists who identify gaps on energy campaign movement, and are determine to speed up the process of energy development transformation. After years of service with Greenpeace, they form an organisation aimed at catalyzing substantial change. Consisting of various backgrounds that are rich in experience, knowledge, skills, and networks that are believed to be able to accelerate the transformation.


A vision which will keep us moving. A continuously-transforming development of Southeast Asia towards a just, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society, enabled by the adoption of clean and renewable energy, and sustainable consumption and production.


In light of the opportunities and threats posed by global climate change, Trend Asia’s mission is to reinforce, enrich, amplify, intensify, cultivate, and co-lead the ecosocionomics movement in Southeast Asia, to drive the region’s energy and development transformation, away from fossil fuels and wasteful consumption and production, into a sustainable, clean and renewable energy, people-powered future.