Our Vision

Asia continues to develop towards a just, peaceful, prosperous society by encouraging the use of clean renewable energy and democratic and sustainable production, distribution, and consumption.

Our Mission

Accelerate energy transformation by developing ecosystems and models that are sourced from clean, renewable energy options in a fair, sustainable, and community-based manner.

Encouraging the development of a democratic and sustainable economy-based production, distribution and consumption ecosystem.

Encouraging eco-socionomic (ecology-socio-economic) movements to ensure people's welfare and intergenerational justice.

Our Shared Values


Creative and Innovative



Believe and Appreciate

Embracing Diversity

Our Approach

Our Focus

Our mission is to reinforce, enrich, amplify, intensify, cultivate, and co-lead the ecosocionomics movement in Southeast Asia, while focusing on


Accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels, and phase-in of renewable energy in Southeast Asia.


With the rapidly-growing urbanization, energy consumption, and city’s influence, our focus is to shift citizens aspirations towards sustainable consumption and production.


We will work on highly relevant and engaging issues such as mobility-transportation, resources efficiency, pollutions, and innovative solutions. Citizens collaboration and cooperation will be our key theme.


We aim to boost eco sociopreneurship, cooperation & collaboration on community & commons-based ideas/initiatives on RE and/or Resources Efficiency.

Our Framework