The urgent need to keep temperatures below 1.5oC of global warming will require a rapid transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy powered energy system. Recent experience of extreme temperatures, wildfires and floods show the energy transition is more urgent than ever. However, in the rush for renewable energy technologies it is essential not to replicate the destructive extractive practices of the fossil fuel era.

This report explores the reality for mining and supply chains of transition minerals needed for renewable energy expansion in coming decades. It shows that taking the current approach to mineral mining will set up new social and environmental crises for countries in the Global South, adding to the climate emergency instead of solving it. We ask, how can the just transition to renewable energy ensure careful, contemplative, and intelligent development of mineral supply chains so that it treads lightly on people and planet?

And specifically we ask, how can International Finance Institutions (IFIs) play a role in ensuring human rights and environmental justice are at the heart of the transition mineral supply chain, so that mineral rich communities and countries can benefit from their natural resources, and not be harmed?

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Tread Lightly

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