Indonesia and countries of the International Partners Group (IPG) launched the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) at the Partnership for Global INfrastructure and Investment (PGII) at the G20 Summit in November 2022 in Bali, Indonesia. In a Joint Statement, Indonesia and IPG partner countries announced a commitment of USD20 billion (approximately IDR30 trillion) to support Indonesia in a just and ambitious energy transition, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement and contributing to keeping global warming limits below 1,5 Celsius degree.

This partnership would then followed by the establishment of JETP Indonesia Secretariat in February, 2023, where the Indonesia Government will develop an investment and cooperation plan with its international partner countries. With this commitment, JETP is expected to be able to accelerate a just energy transition policy in Indonesia. The JETP investment plan is outlined in a Comprehensive Investment Policy and Plan (CIPP), which was developed to include on-grid electricity as well as captive electricity system for industrial purposes.

The JETP Secretariat has postponed the release of CIPP to the public as they planned on 16 August 2023, and only submitted the CIPP draft to the Indonesian government and IPG partners for feedback. The lack of transparency and limited space for public participation, as well as the unavailability of CIPP documents to the public, has made the responses and input on investment plans and JETP policies cannot be carried out specifically as stated in the CIPP documents. This white paper document was prepared to provide a response to the process of preparing and investing plans prepared in CIPP as well as recommendations for the process of preparing and implementing JETP in the energy transition in Indonesia.

Photo by Melvinas Priananda/Trend Asia