The Indonesian public only has three days (after the Indonesian language document is available) to understand and be given time to responses to an important document from the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), the Comprehensive Investment and Policy Plan (CIPP). The CIPP JETP document itself is 327 pages thick.

#BersihkanIndonesia, a movement that include more than 45 civil society organizations in Indonesia, appreciates the work of the JETP Secretariat and partners in preparing the CIPP draft. However, the apparent time and process has actually come at the expense of transparency and meaningful participation for the public.

Here is an important note for the JETP Secretariat, International Partners Group (IPG), partners and investors regarding the lack of a dissemination process and public dialogue regarding the document which is envisioned as a direction for Indonesia’s energy transition. The various policy stakeholders who are most vulnerable in the energy sector, including workers, people with disabilities, affected communities, indigenous peoples, especially in the locations where JETP priority projects will be implemented, still have minimal active involvement.

1) Photo by Sam Forson/Pexels

2) Photo by Markus Winkler/Pexels

Critical Note for Comprehensive Investment and Policy Plan Document of JETP 2023

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